Did You Know You’re Only Born With Two Fears?

There is hardly a person who isn’t plagued by fears and phobias – of insects, high places, snakes, dogs, water, spiders, death, etc. We believe we are born with our fears, that they are deeply decoded in our DNA and that we can never get rid of them.

But we are only actually born with two fears – the fear of falling and of loud noises.

Any other fears you experience have been acquired throughout your life and are often caused by certain events and situations that have marked your mind and emotions in a way that make you feel scared and that’s when our body responds with the ‘fight or flight’ response.

The single aim of our inborn fears is to keep us alive and motivated in order to avoid potential dangers. Obviously most fears and phobias, like a spider phobia, are not a real threat to our survival, even though we react as if they were.

At this time of year I see many people who are struggling with their fear of spiders as we start to see more of the male house spiders coming into the home searching for a mate and a place to stay over winter. Hypnotherapy helps to overcome all types of phobias and for people to be more comfortable and free.

If you are checking your cupboards, your sock drawer and inside your wardrobe for fear of those 8 legged creatures then come and talk to me on how hypnotherapy can help you.