How Will I Feel?

What to expect during and after the session

During hypnotherapy

During the hypnotherapy session you will feel very relaxed. Hypnosis is a very normal state of mind. It’s very similar to daydreaming or the feelings of complete and utter relaxation you experience just moments before you fall asleep.

The difference is that during a hypnotherapy session this pleasant state is deliberately induced by your hypnotherapist.

There’s no one particular feeling in hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Some clients have told me that they have felt heavy as if they couldn’t or didn’t want to move, while others have said they have felt like they are floating. And then there have been clients who have said they felt nothing.

We all experience the world in our own way so how we interpret these relaxed feelings differ from person to person. Each person’s experience is different and will vary from time to time.

However, hypnotherapy is a safe and very pleasurable, enjoyable experience. During a session with an experienced hypnotherapist you’ll most likely feel extremely relaxed, comfortably warm, and very peaceful.

Hypnotherapy is a pleasant, peaceful state of physical and mental stillness giving you a general feeling of well-being which allows you to access your subconscious and make changes.

After hypnotherapy

After your hypnotherapy session you will be alert and fully able to continue with your day.

I see many people either prior to them going to work or in their lunch breaks and all find it easy to carry on their day with their subconscious already starting to make the changes being worked on in therapy.