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How To Spot And Help Your Depressed Teen

Seeing it has just been the school holidays I thought I would write about depression in teenagers and how to spot the signs. Depression is rapidly rising and in the fastest rate amongst teenagers compared to 20 years ago when it was almost unknown.   Teenagers face a host of pressures, from the changes of ...

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Did You Know You Were Only Born With Two Fears?

There is hardly a person who isn’t plagued by fears and phobias – of insects, high places, snakes, dogs, water, spiders, death, etc. We believe we are born with our fears, that they are deeply decoded in our DNA and that we can never get rid of them. But we are only actually born with ...

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How a woman overcame a severe water phobia and has a shower for the first time in 30 years!

I recently read about a woman who had a severe phobia from an incident that happened when she was 5 years old. This incident with water when she was a child had meant that she had been petrified of water going over her head since then, and she had spent decades taking an hour to ...

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When a client comes to me saying they are feeling depressed or have been diagnosed with clinical depression and are feeling persistently down or have lost the ability to enjoy normal pleasures or interests I first of all ask them a number of questions to see what effects their low mood is having on their ...

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I recently had the pleasure of working with a teenage boy who had misophonia. This condition is something that I have only come across a handful of times in my Hypnotherapy practice in Berkshire and it is always wonderful to help a person with such a debilitating problem. The definition of misophonia is hatred of ...

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What is anxiety?

A large number of the clients that I see every week are suffering from some level of anxiety. From a one off fear of giving a wedding speech or taking a driving test, to suffering panic attacks when leaving the house, to a general constant anxiety that just feels overwhelming. Each anxiety can be debilitating ...

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