Public Speaking Confidence

Hypnotherapy can help to increase confidence with public speaking offering a calm and relaxed delivery every time!


What Drives Nerves?

Sometimes the mind is so busy with ideas of failure that success is almost unobtainable and you expect to fail.


A New Approach

Hypnotherapy can help to promote new reactions to public speaking that previously you were unable to believe.


Useful Tools

Hypnotherapy and personal counselling can provide you with the tools to keep you calm and focused.

If you have a fear of speaking in public, be that an important business meeting – to a best man, or father of the bride speech, you will know that the mere thought of it causes you anxiety.

This anxiety and the use of your imagination as to how ‘terrible’ it is going to be, allows the mind to believe and expect that this is going to happen. The ‘fear’ of the ‘fear’ is now in place which makes it even harder to overcome this debilitating thought process.

By using visualisation techniques in hypnosis and imagining yourself delivering a speech or presentation expertly will reprogramme your mind for success. With these new feelings of confidence you will find that all public speaking is done now with a calm and relaxed approach.