Sometimes anxiety can be useful to alert us to danger, a car speeding past, a dangerous animal. It helps to increase our attention to the threatening event and improve our response to it. But anxiety is not helpful when the threat isn’t to our survival like exam nerves, public speaking and sports performance.

Hypnotherapy and the approaches that I use, using hypnosis, counselling, neuro-linguistic programming, CBT and mindfulness can help to address and overcome the issues that are holding you back from achieving in life.


Your confidence and self-esteem are not a result of genetics, IQ or luck, it is a learnt response that we acquire through our experiences.

Our confidence is affected by what we then think about ourselves and how we think we are viewed by others. There could be a million reasons why you lack in confidence or self esteem but much like a computer with a virus; you can’t just ignore it and hope it will go away.

The subconscious, where the “programme” is stored is the key to making positive changes.

Hypnotherapy helps to uncover the ‘programming’ that created the lack of confidence and self esteem and with a combination of therapy techniques you can become the person you want to be.


Everyone worries about course work and exams at school from time to time. There’s a lot of pressure to get good results, and the stresses and strains of school life can sometimes feel too much.

It’s rare to sail through school without experiencing some sort of anxiety, but it doesn’t have to rule our lives.

Exam stress gets in the way because nobody can think clearly whilst those ‘fight-or-flight’ hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) are coursing through the body which makes it difficult to revise, retain information and retrieve the information in an exam.

Hypnotherapy and the techniques that I use can help you to get rid of the doubting voice so that you can focus on revision and achieve your potential in the exams.


There are three factors that influence our sporting ability; our fitness, our technical skills and our mental thoughts. Although many sports performers will spend a lot of their time on their fitness and technical skills, the mental side of the game is often neglected.

Essentially, we can find ourselves performing badly because we are not using our minds in a positive way. As a result, we can form limiting beliefs about ourselves which leave us expecting failure rather than success.

By changing how we use our minds when we approach a game – by enhancing self-belief, visualising success, setting clear goals and having a positive attitude enhances our performance ability.


Many people I work with feel that their fear of giving a presentation is costing them dearly in terms of career progression. Most people shy away from public speaking – with 75% of people feeling something between mild resistance and full-blown terror.

Even with preparation and planning and a deep knowledge of the subject we can still go into the anxiety response. We soon find that we can’t think clearly, our voice wobbles, we are overcome with fear and forget everything we had practised.

Hypnotherapy has the advantage of being able to work with the subconscious in helping to eradicate irrational fears, it allows you to kick the habit and re-train the mind to enable you to regain control whether thats speaking to a boss or a large group of people.

This also applies to best man, groom and father of the bride speeches.