Using Hypnotherapy For Birth

Using Hypnotherapy For Birth

Increase your self confidence and trust in your body's natural ability to give birth


Hypnotherapy uses the natural state of hypnosis, deep relaxation and the power of suggestion to enhance your pregnancy and birth experience to allow this most magical and special time to be a relaxed and calm one.

Hypnotherapy allows you to overcome the fear and anxiety associated with pregnancy and labour, and to increase self confidence and trust in your bodies natural ability to give birth. This new way of thinking helps eliminate fear and tension which is known to lead to severe pain during the birth process.

I have personal experience in using hypnotherapy in childbirth. Before Knowing how powerful hypnosis could be in eliminating pain in labour, I had my first child after a 12 hour, very painful labour, where I had to have pain relief and suffered a lot of anxiety for me and for my baby.

I then learnt about using hypnosis to help in labour and used these techniques with my second child, she was born in 3 hours at home, I needed no pain relief, and was very relaxed. A much more pleasurable experience for me and my baby!!


I love class one as I teach you and your birth partner how the body works in labour, how fear and anxiety affects the body and how our imagination has an effect on our feelings.

It’s great to see a mum change her perspective about birth and start to feel postive as she understands how to take back control.

If dads have been unsure about what to expect from hypnobirthing realise it’s not all a load of mystic weirdness and it all makes logical sense and are completely on board to support their partner!


In this class you will learn three easy and very effective different breathing techniques to help you to remain relaxed during pregnancy and to start practicing and becoming an expert of the breathing techniques for labour.

I will teach you and your birth partner a way to practice all the techniques together and to enjoy preparing and helping each other for your baby’s birth.


In this class we discuss the importance of prenatel bonding and alternate ways of promoting comfort for you in labour. I share with you some ideas for naturally bringing on labour and the benefits of a natural birth.

We talk over all the elements that you may find important on your birth plan and all the things to consider when you prepare for your baby’s birth.


The final class of the course, and every couple I’ve taught has said how they didn’t want it to end.

I will teach you how to do soothing strokes which helps mum to feel calm and release endorphins. We talk about how to birth your baby with another breathing technique and establish your birth partner’s role.

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme makes the birth partner an integral part in bringing their baby into the world. Great for mum, great for dad too and I feel the foundations for a couple to become parents.


New dates for hypnobirthing groups about to be announced!

This is a wonderful way to meet new parents in your area! There are 4 classes each 2.5 hours long. Group classes contain a maximum of 6 people (mums and their birth partners). Private tuition (mum and their birth partner) is also available.


For more information visit my dedicated hypnobirthing site (opens in a new page).