The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme - Class One

I love class one as I teach you and your birth partner how the body works in labour, how fear and anxiety affects the body and how our imagination has an effect on our feelings.

It’s great to see a Mum change her perspective about birth and start to feel postive as she understands how to take back control. Dad’s, if they’ve been unsure about what to expect from hypnobirthing realise it’s not all a load of mystic weirdness and it all makes logical sense and are completely on board to support their partner!

What we’ll cover in Class One:

  • The picture of childbirth today
  • Defining hypnosis
  • Acknowledging pain
  • The physiology of birth and the impact of fear
  • The impact of fear on the baby
  • The impact of fear on a natural labour
  • Understanding your mind and its connection with your body
  • The impact of others

We watch a DVD of a hypnobirth and see how birth can be  calm and empowering.


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