The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme - Class Four

The final class of the course, and every couple I’ve taught has said how they didn’t want it to end!

I will teach you in this class how to do soothing strokes which helps mum to feel calm and release endorphin. We talk about how to birth your baby with another breathing technique and establish your birth partners role. The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme makes the birth partner an integral part in bringing their baby into the world. Great for Mum, great for dad too and I feel the foundations for a couple to become parents.

What we cover in Class Four:

  • Soothing strokes and the power of positive touch
  • Positions for birth
  • Ligaments and pelvis
  • Humming your baby down – birthing your baby
  • Birth partner’s role
  • Using the techniques during labour
  • When baby arrives
  • Sea of serenity
  • Your practice and preparation diary

We watch another powerful hypnobirth and see how other mums have used all the techniques to have a calm and comfortable birth. I will share with you what to take to hospital for you and your baby and how to continue to practice up to the birth of your baby.

I always love to hear when a baby is born and most couples have come back to share their birth story with me and show off their lovely bundle!

I hope I get to meet your baby sometime soon too!


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