Hypnotherapy can help to promote positive habits and reduce negative ones

Unwanted habits

Humans are naturally creatures of habit. Without habitual responses we would have to work out afresh what to do each time we were confronted with a situation. Our good habits serve us well, but ‘bad’ habits, ones we don’t want, have unwanted consequences.

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in breaking unwanted habits. A habit is something that if performed enough you feel compelled to do, even without being aware that you are doing it most of the time. Smoking, nail biting, hair pulling, bed wetting, nervous twitches, stuttering and stammering are all forms of unwanted habits.

Anxiety can be brought about by specific issues, work pressure, fear of making the wrong decision, fear of letting someone down, difficult colleagues, public speaking, excessively high expectation of yourself, fear of illness or by non specific issues, just a feeling of impending pressure that everything will ‘fall apart’.

These habits may have served a purpose at one time and are usually caused by some level of anxiety that you may have felt in the past. Habits can be broken with suggestion therapy or analysis to uncover the issues that caused the habit to be formed in the first place.

It is common to find that people with unwanted habits have unmet basic needs, and a vital part of overcoming the habit is ensuring that the basic needs are adequately met.


Free yourself from the smoking habit


Hypnotherapy works by breaking the cycle of thoughts and emotions connected to unwanted habits and behaviours.


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