Coping With Cancer

Cancer And Treatment

Cancer And Treatment

Hypnotherapy helps you cope better with your symptoms and treatment

Cancer Support

Being diagnosed with cancer can be very frightening and confusing. When you are diagnosed with cancer you often feel shocked, frightened, angry and powerless with little control over what is happening to your body in the course of your treatment.

Most people resign themselves to the pain and sickness associated with their treatment (be that chemotherapy or radiation ) but hypnotherapy allows you to feel calm and in control of your life again.

Hypnotherapy enables you when going through your cancer treatment to cope better with your symptoms and treatment. It uses a mixture of techniques to help you to feel much more in control of your situation, making it easier to deal with appointments and the process of your care.

People with cancer and going through chemotherapy often use hypnotherapy to help reduce the stress and worry that they are under and some of the physical effects like tiredness, sickness and pain.

Learning hypnosis also gives the cancer patient the ability to relax and help them to cope better ensuring that they don’t become anxious and depressed.

During sessions of hypnotherapy, we use hypnosis to calm and relax your body and mind, and visualisation and guided imagery to help reduce pain, nausea, fatigue and worry.

Hypnotherapy allows you to think positively and allow the body to get on with its job of repairing without stress and anxiety interrupting it.


Hypnotherapy will help you feel more in control of your situation and the stages of your treatment.

I will teach you techniques to calm and relax your body, help reduce pain, fatigue and worry and assist in processing all of your emotions.


I would love to help you. Contact me for a free 30 minute initial consultation to see how hypnotherapy can help you.