What are the Rules on Confidentiality?

I  am a member of the APHP and follow their Code Of Ethics:

All practising members of The Association undertake to:

1. Maintain strict confidentiality within the therapeutic relationship consistent with the good care of the client and the laws of the land and ensure that any client notes and records be kept secure and confidential. Confidentiality must be observed at all times unless:

(a) it is demonstrably in the best interest of the client/patient to disclose relevant information to the client’s medical consultant or Physician;
(b) the client/patient has given their written permission to disclose information to their medical consultant or Physician;
(c) where the law requires disclosure;
(d) when sharing information with fellow professionals. In the latter case, client anonymity must be guaranteed;
(e) in the event of a complaint being made against them, subject to the complainant providing written consent for their notes and records to be made available, members may be required to provide this information to The Association on demand.

Practitioners must note that the question of confidentiality also applies to client records, computerised records (which must conform to the Data Protection Act, 1986), and any audio or video recording. Any information or case histories used for training or commercial purposes must have the written consent of the individual involved.

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