Stop Smoking is just one of the very effective problems that Hypnotherapy can help you with. Smoking is a mental addiction, a habit that is formed and driven by your subconscious. This is why however hard you try to give up, be it, for reasons of cost, the effects on your health, or the social stigma attached to smoking, you find are not enough to make you kick the habit Hypnosis can eliminate the mental addiction without any occurrence of the ‘expected’ side effects, ‘What the mind expects tends to happen’, so there will be no irritability, cravings or insomnia. With commitment and motivation to stop smoking this two hour, one off session, gives you the opportunity to leave my therapy room a non smoker.

Stop Smoking in Reading

Stop Smoking in Reading


One of the areas I specialize in is Stopping Smoking and  I have devised a one session Stop Smoking programme that I have been running for many years with a very high success rate. I address the reasons why you started smoking, the reasons you have continued to smoke (be that as a stress relief, comfort, break from environment, habit etc) and then the reasons why you want to stop now. When each session is tailored in this way and with powerful hypnotherapy suggestions each client finds it easy to leave as a non smoker. I run this programme in large companies to help staff to stop smoking too (please contact me if you think your company may be interested in this)


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