Stop Smoking in 2 Hours

A 2 hour stop smoking programme is all you need to become a non smoker


Why is it so fast?

A two hour, successful stop smoking programme allows you align your subconscious drives with your your decision making in every day life. Say no!


Why Use It?

Your conscious mind tells you, you don't want to smoke, yet somehow you continue to. Lets take a different approach and focus on your subconscious drivers.


Is it Safe?

If at any time you wished to leave the state of hypnosis you could do so immediately as it is only a state akin to day dreaming and you are fully aware at all times

Stop Smoking Programme

How Long Does It Take To Become A Non Smoker

It only takes 2 Hours to become a Non-Smoker!!!!


The Stop Smoking Programme that I have devised over the years allows you to leave after the 2 hour session as a non smoker. In the session I help you to address the reasons why you started to smoke, the reasons why it has been difficult up to now to stop, and the motivating factors as to why you want to stop smoking.

This is a very successful programme that has allowed hundreds of people to be free from the smoking habit and to gain healthier and happier lives.


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Positive Thinking Hypnotherapist and Councellor

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