Testimonials and the Code of Ethics within the APHP.

Many Hypnotherapists use testimonial to promote their business and to convince prospective clients that they should visit them for their therapy. Customers like to hear how other people have experienced their therapy but there is a problem with this as a lot of testimonials are fabricated, exaggerated or may not be currently correct.

As a member of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy APHP  it is deemed to be unethical to show testimonials.

APHP – If a member publishes a testimonial from any client, it is essential to ensure that (a) proper registration of the member’s practice with the data commission is up-to-date; (b) no statement in such testimonial makes any statement that is not allowed under the terms of the British Code of Advertising Practice; and (c) the original dated and signed testimonial must be held securely and must include proper contact details of the individual providing the testimonial.

Many clients at the end of therapy send messages thanking me for the work we have done together and telling me how their life has changed for the better, be that someone stopping smoking, a person losing the weight they have battled with for many years, a client giving a presentation without fear, someone coming off anti depressants. Clients are so happy and grateful to be free from their problems that I find that they are quick to write or email their thanks. I obviously love reading how their lives have changed and feel privileged to be part of the changes in their lives but I don’t want to exploit their thanks or compromise their confidentiality.

Testimonials are adverts and the law says that all adverts should be able to be verified at any time. To prove it was an accurate statement it would have to be checked at any time. An intrusion of a persons confidentiality and would be unethical.  Many of my clients are so grateful at the end of therapy that they want to thank me so much and at that moment want to give a testimonial but I feel that therapy should be a moment in their lives that once the problem has been addressed they should be allowed to move on without a backward look at their therapy and not one more thought about me as their therapist. My clients may be happy with their testimonials being shared to begin with but what if they changed their minds and felt uncomfortable with everyone being able to see their comment, however anonymous? I would not want my clients to feel awkward in any way and I work to my clients best interests to give them the highest standard of professional care and not put advertising and business before my clients.

If you would like to know more about hypnotherapy or my experience as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner then please contact me and I will be happy to discuss any concerns with you. I also offer a free initial consultation to allow you to talk about the issues that you are struggling with in life and to ask any questions you may have about hypnotherapy and the therapy that you would be offered. This consultation is also a time to make sure that you are happy with me as your therapist.


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