What is it Like?

What Does Being in Hypnosis Feel Like

‘Being in hypnosis’ may not be what you’ve always believed it is. People go in and out of hypnosis every day and are not aware of it! You just feel mentally very, very calm and content, relaxed, focused and alert.
Most people do not realize that they are hypnotised because there is no set feeling as a ‘hypnotised feeling’. Some people feel very relaxed and light, some alert and heavy. Time may seem to go slower or quickly. You may hear every word the hypnotherapist says or you may find your mind drifting with the words.

You are always aware of what you are thinking, feeling and saying.  You are in control at all times and I am there to guide you into that state of ‘hypnosis’ where you body is very relaxed and your mind is very quiet. Once in this state of mind you are very receptive to change and I will help you make the changes that you want to have a happy and healthier life.


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