Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis isn’t the weird or magical state of mind that we are led to believe happens from television, cartoons and stage shows, but a very natural, daily state of mind, that we have to go through as we enter and awaken from sleep. It is also a state of mind that we enter when engrossed in a good film, listening to music or deep in thought while driving a car, arriving safely at your destination without knowing how you managed to find your way there, and change the gears and steer too!

Hypnosis on its own doesn’t create change within a person, but enables the mind to be highly receptive to positive changes that the individual wants to achieve. This is where the trained hypnotherapist comes to the fore and helps to guide the client to their goals.


Will I Be In Control?

The hypnotherapist is merely a guide to help you achieve the depth of relaxation needed to make positive changes, and to guide you through all aspects of the therapy. Hypnosis on its own doesn’t create change within a person, but enables the mind to be highly receptive to change; the actual power of change is within the mind of the person who enters hypnosis and not the therapist. If at any time you wished to leave the state of hypnosis you could do so immediately as it is only a state akin to day dreaming and you are fully aware at all times.


What Is Being In Hypnosis Like?

‘Being in hypnosis’ may not be what you’ve always believed it is. People go in and out of hypnosis every day and are not aware of it! You just feel mentally very, very calm and content, relaxed, focused and alert.
Most people do not realize that they are hypnotised because there is no set feeling as a ‘hypnotised feeling’. Some people feel very relaxed and light, some alert and heavy. Time may seem to go slower or quickly. You may hear every word the hypnotherapist says or you may find your mind drifting with the words.


Will I Tell You Something I Dont Want You To Know?

You are in complete control throughout the whole session and therefore will not be forced to tell any secrets or information that you would prefer to keep private. Obviously as much honesty given about your presenting problem will help the speed and success of therapy sought



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