Anxiety and Stress Workshop

Take back control and feel calmer again

Do you feel constantly on edge? Do you feel panicky and anxious most of the time?

Then come and learn how to take back control and feel calmer again

This fun and informative two hour workshop will give you a greater understanding of the causes of anxiety and stress and what is happening in your body. By learning how to take control of your thoughts you will in turn take control back of your feelings and lessen any stress or anxiety you are feeling. You will learn some breathing techniques and some self help techniques and leave feeling calm and more empowered.

Where – Emmer Green Surgery

What time – Tuesday 6.30-8.30smokingdamagesbrain

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Refreshments are included and you will receive class handouts to take away with you.

  • Understand the ‘Fight or Flight’ response
  • What happens in the body when we are stressed and anxious
  • Learn breathing techniques to take control of the body and mind
  • Learn how to move your thoughts out of your head and to be more aware of what’s happening in the ‘now’
  • Learn self hypnosis to reduce stress
  • Question your thoughts and change your thinking.
  • Experience a relaxation session so that you leave the class calmer and more relaxed than when you came!

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Louise Carter

Positive Thinking Hypnotherapist and Councellor

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